Litigation Attorney in Gilbert, AZ

Company Name:
Casualty Claim Consultant
The candidate will manage claims in litigation. Will contribute to the financial success of Farm Bureau by determining when cases should be settled, tried, or submitted to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Assign cases to legal counsel and assign supervision of litigation cases to claim staff as appropriate. Ensure case reserves are adequate. Maintain records on legal counsel and litigated cases and provide reports as requested. Report to reinsurers as required. Serve as a resource to all claims personnel on legal issues and casualty policy interpretation. Keep current with case law, regulations, rules of civil procedure, and contract interpretation in states within the region. Provide structured training and inform claim personnel of significant decisions/changes in the legal arena that impact claims handling. Coordinate and perform training functions in their respective jurisdictions. Conduct file reviews in conjunction with the file review team from the home office to ensure compliance with established claim best practices policies and procedures and to identify training needs.

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